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Erasmus mobility 2019/2020

It was indeed a great experience during the mobility period .. I appreciate the host and sending institute for the privilege granted to partake in the mobility programme…I am grateful to the scheme centred on student exchange programme (ERASMUS) with an encompassing platform for learning and understanding a new environment as well as acquiring useful knowledge and skills

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E+ internship in Brandenburg

Haus des Wandels – HdW, is a hausprojekt in Heinersdorf, a mini village in eastern Brandenburg, Germany. HdW is a building with many different rooms occupied by a variety of people, doing all kinds of cool stuff. There is a pottery workshop, a sewing workshop, a wood workshop, an atelier, a stage, and a huge garden all of which need constant maintenance, the visitors and users need to be navigated, the house itself needs a lot of care. I spent 3 months living in the house while writing my master thesis which was thematically connected to projects like the HdW and this helped me to better understand the topic. I’m still living here since i made many wonderful connections and want to spend more time in the community of HdW.

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Erasmus Internship – Spain

I was doing the Erasmus+ internship in Barcelona, Spain. I started looking for internships directly searching for the studios or agencies I might like. Another way to search for an internship in the art field is on a web page called Domestika. It’s a great way to search for one that you might like in a specific area and in the field of your choice. I found the best way to directly search on google and write an email with your cv and portfolio.

Because many jobs require Spanish language, once you get to Spain you will find free classes for beginners of Spanish and Catalan language. But if you would really like to learn the language you should search online for schools with a intensive program. That is usually every day for three weeks for 3-6 hours a day.

I must say I had a great time doing this exchange and I would gladly recommend it. I would like to thank to Erasmus+ programme, International office at UNG for this opportunity!

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Erasmus in Tübingen, Germany.

I am not a good photographer, but you can see that Tübingen is quite beautiful place. I have been to few small-scale concert as you can see in the pics, it might not be good for everybody, but still you will find all the joy from there.

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“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence”.
                                                                                                          – Abigail Adams.

The above quote is a motivation for me which was achieved through the support by Erasmus+ scheme via my home institution.
It was a great privilege to partake in this learning and training phase. This learning was beyond professional growth and development but included social and psychological development.

I enjoyed and appreciate every bit of this training ( ranging from the host institution to relationships with workers and locals).

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