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First month in Portugal

Since I’m writing my own blog daily and I put a lot of photos there too, I don’t think I’ll write here as much. But since I have to post something here too and I guess this blog will be visited mostly by students, I might add some more text about that.

I’m a student of Digital Arts and Practices at School of Arts and my main subject is Photography. So I’m on Erasmus exchange on ESAD in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. Two of my classmates from Slovenia are here too (Gaja and Damir), so we rented an apartment together and are really happy we have each other because it’s much easier to have some friends with you. =) And we get along really well, even after a month of living together, I can say that we became even good friends, not just class mates as before.

Anyway, we really like the school here. It’s very large, modern and they have a lot of equipment! Since Gaja and I are interested in photography we were impressed with the photo studio and the amount of photo equipment we can rent there. And even professors and students are really nice, friendly and helpfull, so yes, we like it here.

Now here is the link to my blog where you can read what we are doing and what is happening on daily basis:

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