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Second Month – van Rotterdam

This is the first week of second month in Rotterdam. It’s copied from my personal blog, where I was writing full report (before I knew I have to do it here). Enjoy… link to my blog bellow if anyone’s interested.


Yeah,  of course I’m 10 minutes late, I always am. Unless I’m right on time, there’s almost no way in between. About an hour later I realised that I’m not 10 minutes late, but actually 2 hours. After an hour or so I remembered that we got an e-mail, saying we start at 13.00 and that we are supposed to bring our demo reels with us, which I didn’t. Of course I didn’t, I always start like that. We only had this class for the second time, and atop of being 2 hours late I also failed to bring what I was supposed to. At least the rest of the day went a little better, the logo I made for another class turned out pretty good so the Monday itself wasn’t all failure. When I came home, I mostly modeled for the rest of the day.

On Tuesday a teacher showed me how to make UV maps in Maya. Pretty useful but I don’t think I remembered all of it. I asked him what does “UV mapping” stand for. He explained me “These are the coordinates, and since X, Y and Z are already taken…” I had to laugh for a minute afterwards. All hyped, I didn’t leave the class even after it ended but I kept modeling. Another group of students had a 3D lesson afterwards, and after them another one… I had to leave then, since there wasn’t enough computers for all of us. So except for the theory class later that day and a dinner I was modeling most of the day.

And so I was on the Wednesday. The first time this year I skipped a class so I could work on the project instead. The very project this class was about. Again, I was so into modeling I missed another class for 40 minutes. I had to wait for 2 hours to film it since there was no computers left. Until the class finished actually. Now I’m to bring my animation on another day. But not bothering, there’s another project to finish… so I also modeled for the rest of the day.

I brought that simple animation for the motion graphics class, but in general I was working on the one minute project. The guy who is basically in charge for the classroom helped me more than a decent deal about the topology on my character’s head. After that class I went home, did some modeling, and later I went to a small roof party that Erasmus classmates organised. I brought a bottle of Smirnoff and Monster to go with it. I finished the Smirnoff by myself and felt no effect. Only halfway through I noticed it only said 4% of alcohol, so it was a great pleasure answering the question “Did you finish that bottle all by yourself?!” with “Yep!” We went to a club afterwards, and I was riding shotgun on the bike (if that goes for the bikes, too). The downside of the 4% there was that – I have to admit – I was a little bit bored, as I might have been the only sober person around.

On Friday I went to the Dutch Language Course I enrolled. A girl that came about 5 minutes into the class asked the teacher if she can pay the tuition fee the next time and she answered there’s an ATM right around the corner. The girl said “OK I will be back in 10 or 15 minutes” but she never showed up again… Right now I have a hard time learning the combination of letters, as my head wants to pronounce them in German way. Probably with some studying it will get better. After the class I returned home and basically modeled for the rest of the day.

Today is the Saturday and did nothing but model all day. More than ever hour our after our work is never over. The tip on my Wacom pen is getting flat, I’m starting to think about the edge loops as I go to sleep and different ways how to get quads from the triangles and pentagons or change topology in general. I also started to think how I’m going to render this, and how after I’m done modeling I’m gonna need to bind it and look there’s a fairy coming.


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