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Erasmus + in Italy – 1st

Italy is a really beautiful place with mesmerizing historic sights and stunning seasides especially during summer. I was at Trieste for my Erasmus programme for three months and I enjoyed every part of my mobility period, starting from my arrival, the weather, friendly employees at the institute, location of the institute to the culture. I learnt few words especially with greetings which helped in my day-to-day activities. The mobility contributed to my personal and professional development as I gained a lot from the employees and experiments carried out. I discovered a lot of potential in myself through interactions and shared ideas with people at the institute and outside workplace. It was really worthwhile participating in this programme and not to forget, the OLS programme was interesting and very educative through which I improved in my language skills. Thanks to Erasmus, Italy, the host institute and also to my institution for the opportunity and support. I look forward to another exciting and informative mobility programme. 

Grazie mille!!!!!


What a wonderful experience!!!!!!

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