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Erasmus+ in Barcelona

If you are planning to go on Erasmus+ in Barcelona, this is the post for you! I had a wonderful opportunity to take a part in the Erasmus+ program at University of Barcelona.

I found the UB faculty friendly, helpful and have been enjoying my courses there. But, be ready for administration! The university staff is so busy and not well organized… so, prepare yourself to be patient with all kind of administration.

In general, it’s been an inspiring experience to be at UB and great enjoyment to be in Barcelona and its surrounding. Near the sea and always sunny! A lot of tourist attractions and places to visit in the city and nearby. Very good connections, so it’s easy to get any place around Barcelona. The people are friendly and very open-minded. The city is multi-cultural, you can find a mixture of all races and backgrounds. There are events, shops, restaurants suitable for everyone. Any time you go there, you will definitely enjoy Barcelona atmosphere!

I would recommend Barcelona to anyone considering the Erasmus+ program, internship or even just a short holiday. It’s an enjoyable experience, but I must say that life in Barcelona is a bit expensive, especially accommodation, so, have your savings on the side.

Finally, I would like to thank to Erasmus+ programme, International office and School of Humanities at the University of Nova Gorica for this opportunity and experience.

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