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Erasmus Internship – Spain

I was doing the Erasmus+ internship in Barcelona, Spain. I started looking for internships directly searching for the studios or agencies I might like. Another way to search for an internship in the art field is on a web page called Domestika. It’s a great way to search for one that you might like in a specific area and in the field of your choice. I found the best way to directly search on google and write an email with your cv and portfolio.

Because many jobs require Spanish language, once you get to Spain you will find free classes for beginners of Spanish and Catalan language. But if you would really like to learn the language you should search online for schools with a intensive program. That is usually every day for three weeks for 3-6 hours a day.

I must say I had a great time doing this exchange and I would gladly recommend it. I would like to thank to Erasmus+ programme, International office at UNG for this opportunity!

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