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Erasmus+ traineeship 2022 in the fjords of Norway

I had a great experience doing traineeship at NIBIO in Norway. NIBIO is a research institution that I found through one of the PhD researcher assistants at our university. The institution has many research stations, I worked at the Ullensvang location, where they specialize in fruit growing and storage, they also analyse apple cyders from surrounding producers and their products.

Figure 1: Lofthus, Ullensvang
Figure 2: Collecting nectar

Traineeship was interesting, I managed to help with a lot of different research studies, and sometimes the given tasks were unique and funny to do (like collecting nectar from flowers, literally competing with the bees). I had almost no problem with communication, most of Norwegians speak English and I also met a lot of other foreigners.

Figure 3: View from the laboratory

Ullensvang has really beautiful narrow coastal mountainsides and valleys along the fjords, which is perfect for hiking, and traveling. I doubt I will ever have such a magnificent view from the lab.

If you wish to do any kind of Erasmus program, go for it, and have an adventure! God tur!

Tajda Huber

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