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EILC 2009 reunion: Brno (CZ), Aug. 2010

In September 2009, the University of Nova Gorica organised an Erasmus intensive language course (EILC) for the first time (read the report here). Many long-term friendships have been formed and the students still meet each other frequently- privately, or at the so-called “EILC reunions” which they organise. This summer, the students came up with an idea to meet each other in an country, other from Slovenia, for the first time. They chose the beautiful city of Brno in the Czech Republic, because of its convenient location – in the middle of Europe, easily accessible to most of the ex-EILC 2009 students. Besides that, Brno is an attractive city and our Czech students who live and study in Brno volunteered to be our guides.  In other words – an opportunity not to be missed. The students also invited me (EILC coordinator) and their teacher of Slovene to join them.  Of ocurse we accepted their invitation and here’s the report from Brno!

Brno, Czech Republic, late August 2010

We made it! After deciding on the most convenient date for this reunion for a while, we decided for a weekend in late August. The following people met in Brno: the Czech students Tereza P., Jindra, Petr and Veronika; Justyna, Zuza and Kamil from Poland, Máté from Hungary; Marcus, Rüdi and Tim from Germany, plus Jana, Violeta and me (the Slovene group).

We spent an unforgettable weekend in Brno. The weather was great, we had enough time to spend with each other and to socialise, as well as enough time to explore the city and some other places.

Thanks to Tereza, Jindra and the rest of our Czech students we made the most of our trip and explored Brno in details. We were all amazed to realise how beautiful the city is! Its old part of the town is unbelievably well-preserved and renovated (or under renovation). The typical central-European architectural style from the turn of the 19th century is truly impressive, especially at the Náměstí Svobody (the “Freedom Square”). The old streets are cute as well. And not to talk about the Špilberk Castle above the old town, the St. Peter and Paul cathedral …

We had the opportunity to enjoy the Czech cuisine as well, both at traditional restaurants/inns as well as delicios home-made bramboráki (potato pancakes), prepared by Tereza, Petr and Veronika – our Czech “chefs”.  No need to mention the Czech beer … and the unexpected meeting about which you can read here.

We also visited Moravski kras, a karstic region with interesting underground caves:

All of us agree that the EILC reunion in Brno was a great event. Dear students, thanks a lot for organising it and inviting us as well! I feel sorry for those who couldn’t make it to Brno this time, but I’m sure we’ll see each other soon. Your idea about the next EILC revival in Istanbul is absolutely brilliant!


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