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Bye bye Portugal

So this was it… I decided not to stay for the second semester, even though I planned to stay… I just had enough of slow lifestyle, of moisture and just… well more or less everything. It’s not enough I loved the palm trees and warm sunny days, and the ocean side, and Erasmus students… Well, I think my decision is at the moment the right one for me and now that I’m back home I really believe so. Even though it’s so much snow here and even if people are rushing around like crazy, I still feel better here. Well, I’m already planning my next travel experience, but when it comes to Portugal, it was enough. But I’m sure I will return some day, but probably just for a vacation. =)

Anyway, I also got my grades now. I passed the language course and I passed all the other classes, though I’m a bit disappointed by the low grades. I don’t really know why are they so low and what should I do to make them better, also professors said they liked my work so that really comfused me a bit. But at the end I guess what matters is that I passed the classes and that I had a lifetime experience with the exchange. =)

Also I met some amazing people from all over Europe and even from Brazil. Two Brazilians were traveling around Europe at the end and last couple of days they stopped in Slovenia. I was really happy to be their host and they slept at my place, we made some trips around Slovenia and it was their first time to see and enjoy the snow! It was so amazing to see them enjoy the snow like two little kids! =D

So this is it, my last post here… I still have to write a bit on my own blog, but lately I was just running around all the time and I totally forgot to write anything there. =D

If you’re thinking about going to an Erasmus Exchange – do it! It’s amazing experience and even if you will not like some things there, it’s only for few months, but the experience you get will be amazing! Bye bye and enjoy! =)

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