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Spain internship Valencia – Barcelona

I spend the winter working for Xceed company as a photographer and videomaker. The company works through a phone app – Xceed and making video and photo material for its promotion was quite an interesting challenge! I was happy to work with other interns and together we created nice visual products – two amazing advertisement videos. I also spent few days walking around Barcelona making interviews for the youtube company channel with random people, which was very interesting and later realized most of the people were not even Spanish. I got access to record in one of most famous clubs in Barcelona, where only a few people have rights to record or take photos and that was very awesome too. Basically, I spend almost majority of my working hours discovering the city and recording it and I think this is the best way to really get the feeling of a foreign place, culture, and people. While working on projects in Barcelona, I was also living in Valencia. This was actually a good idea, because its much warmer and calmer city, with not so many tourists and propaganda, it really feels more natural, relaxed and unique. Even the long rides from one city to another didn’t influence me wishing to stay in only one place. I love Spain by its visual beauty, a very human attitude to things and other people. I would love to return!

Teotim Logar

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