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Erasmus+ in Bologna, Italy

Last year I had the opportunity as a Ph.D. student to visit the University of Bologna for two times. First time I went as ERASMUS staff member and stayed there for two weeks. It was a start of a fruitful collaboration. Staff at Laboratory of computational mechanics welcomed me really nice and advised me with for future work. The second time I came as an exchange student and stayed for 6 months. It was very productive time and it helped my studies a lot. The overall experience I gained in this time is priceless. People I’ve met and worked with are really nice, friendly and helpful. Beside that, I had the opportunity to live in and feel the spirit of Bologna, the lively historical town full of students.

I would recommend to everyone who has the opportunity to take a part in Erasmus mobility program, as the experiences gained abroad are really of great value.

In the end I would like to thank to Erasmus+ programme, International office and Center for atmospheric research at the UNG for this opportunity and great experience.

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