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Erasmus+ traineeship at Kinoatelje, Italy

Hello! My name is Una – I am a graduate of the Bachelor´s program in Digital Arts and Practices at the School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica. During my last (absolvent) year of studies (2022/2023), I participated in an Erasmus+ traineeship at the cross-border organization in the field of film and audiovisual media – Kinoatelje. It combines event and publishing activities, research and collection, video and film production.

I was introduced to Kinoatelje during my studies as a film student at the University. Their events often highlighted the works of young artists, which was quite appealing to me and my colleagues. I was always interested in event organization, especially for artistic events with educational and cultural purposes targeted towards my age group. This is how I began collaborating with Kinoatelje, which resulted in my traineeship. During the exchange, I took many roles upon myself – my favorite ones being promotion (where I was able to use my knowledge from the School of Arts in the fields of photography and graphic design), as well as working as a consultant and youth representative (where my “young student” perspective was quite appreciated). Personally, my favorite experiences came from the organization of Tribute to a Vision (Poklon viziji) cross-border festival which took place in both Slovenia and Italy, highlighting artists from various regions, as well as it´s “daughter” festival – First Crossings (Prvi poleti), which focuses primarily on young artists. I worked on both the 2022 and the 2023 editions of the two festivals, during which I had the opportunity to meet various people from the fields of film, animation, music, production and promotion. Personally, this was the best part of my exchange, since many new collaborations and friendships arose from these contacts, which I value dearly. I was fortunate enough to have amazing mentors, who helped me throughout the process. I was able to advance my language skills in both English and Italian, which proved as quite useful!

Overall, the experience was great and I am happy to say that my collaboration with Kinoatelje will certainly continue in the future.

First Crossings 2023, Kinoatelje archive

Letni kino Silvana Furlana 2023, Kinoatelje archive

First Crossings 2022, photos by Una Savić

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