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My Best Friend’s Mum

When I was sitting with my best friend’s mum in the restaurant at the beach, looking at my best friend learning how to surf, in the rain and I was eating some vegetable soup that wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but good enough or almost perfect for that moment, I got a revelation. My friend’s mum has something about her. That something invites you to go on about the kind of things that few can meet with understanding. On some strange coincidence or will of destiny, however you like to believe it we came to the subject about lifting our spirits. At exactly that moment it hit me. I finally understood what the whole world is talking about when they say that sport is – strengthening your spirit.

For the past few months I have been doing Yoga. I do it every day, except Mondays. It has become my therapy and every day at around nine till eleven o’clock in the evening, I take time for myself and practice Yoga. I have realized before that rainy day at the beach, when my friend was learning how to surf and I was with her mum in the restaurant, having soup, trying desperately to warm myself up, that I feel much better lately than I used to. Realizing before, that it has something to do with my Yoga practice I could never really define what it was exactly, that was so different. Right there, when we finished that soup and I hit 36 degrees Celsius again, at the moment when the waiter brought the muse de chocolate I finally understood. I have awakened my spirit! That is what it is.

I realize to some people this is not a revelation at all and some have discovered this many years ago or when they were still much younger than I am now. For some of us it’s different. Sometimes we need a lot to get to an epiphany but sometimes we just need a muse de chocolate and an extraordinary person to hear us through.

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