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Film making abroad

I arrived in Portugal in September, the weather was so nice and going to the beach was still enjoyable. Caldas da Rainha is a small town, one hour away from Lisbon, it’s cute and quiet. The town had many hidden jams, and a strong artistic soul. And this is what I immediately loved about it.
During my mobility time here I got the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather, learn some of the language and expecially make art, be creative. The perk of if was expecially to learn their own singular way to view art. At the school I had the opportunity to pick any subject and class, and I’ve tried to many different ones. I expecially enjoyed stepping outside my comfort zone. I’ve tried teather, drawing, ceramics. But the main reason I came here is my Film studies. Filming short movies here was everytime so fun and taughtful! Having an international crew, with also so many other Erasmus students was a great opportunity where everyboy I think learned a lot from. And every and each other new activity I have tried have for sure added knowledge to my film studies and taught me new ways to approach to it! So thanks to Portugal to be a warm and sunny country, that makes possible filming outside any time of the year!

Anna Loi

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