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Erasmus+ programe in Leiden, Netherlands

I had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the Erasmus+ program at Leiden University in the Netherlands this year.

I found the staff and faculty at the university to be always friendly and helpful, and have been greatly enjoying working on my research within the the Heritage Under Threat program here.

While it has been an extremely inspiring experience to do work with Leiden University, I must say that I have also been greatly enjoying the city of Leiden, and other cities in the Netherlands as well.

It is especially nice to be able to ride a bike anywhere and everywhere with the Dutch people, and while the winter has been cold and wet…the flowers that are coming in to bloom nowadays are quite beautiful.

Another impressive thing I have found in the Netherlands is how multi-cultural it is. You can find a mixture of races and backgrounds in mostly every city, and there are events and shops catering to everyone. The local people seem to be very open-minded and accepting of various cultures, which has been an enjoyable experience for me.

I would recommend the Netherlands to anyone considering the Erasmus+ program or even just for a short holiday, and I look forward to finishing the work I started here!

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