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3 Month Internship in Barcelona

Since is my last year in the Academy of Arts (Alumni year) I decided to grab the opportunity to do Erasmus+ internship. I decided to go to Spain, Barcelona and to look for a studio/ small agency.

I found the agency Evil Love which on the first glance totally fit with what I was looking for in terms of style and projects. An open minded environment where I could grow professionally and where I can develop my skills further. I am really glad to say that the agency I choose made me a better professional and gave me a new perspective on what I want to do/focus more. I think that Erasmus+ is a perfect way to start your professional carer. It gives you a better idea in terms of what to expect in your first job. Overall I think is a great experience that helps you grow both professionally and personally.

Finally, I would like to thank the Erasmus+ programme and the International office of University of Nova Gorica for this opportunity and experience.

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