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Tips&Tricks for Barcelona

If you are thinking to go on a Erasmus+ in Barcelona this is the post for you. Because I’d like that you save some time in research and enjoy the city more, here are a few tips that may help you in your Erasmus+ experience.

1.) Short trips:

If you want to get away from the city buzz for the weekend, you can take advantage of train connections to different towns by the sea that are cheap as well. One of the ”must see” towns is Cadaques, which is beautiful and is just 3h away. There are a lot of smaller towns that are pretty and are 1h away from Barcelona. Some of them are: Roses, Palamós, Mataró, which are located in Costa Brava and are easily accessible by train. One of the must see cities is also Girona, which is located just 100km away from Barcelona.

2.) Food&drinks

If you want to try Spanish/Catalan food here are some must eats! I came across a few restaurants, that are worth trying them out. The first one is called Cornesa (bar de bocadas) and is located in the Plaza de Sant Jaume. They are one of the first restaurants in Barcelona to make ”bocadas”. The second restaurant is more of a bar than anything else. It’s a small bar in La Barceloneta called Leo and is one of  few traditional bars that are left. The bar has live music on saturdays (meaning random people playing) where people come to dance and sing flamenco songs. You can find some really good tapas and amazing vermouth. The third place I would recommend is called El Coral in Barceloneta. This is a restaurant that is known for its vermouth and tapas. It is a bit more touristic but still worth to see it and take a drink or two.

Fotografía de La Tasca del Corral, Barcelona

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