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So the autumn started…

It’s been two months since we arrived on Portugal, today is our day 63 in this country. I’m decided to write my own blog on daily basis and I’m doing really well so far. I write it every day or at least I write for two days together. I’m also posting a lot of photos there and if you are interested you can read more there. I’m writing about our days at school, our professors, our apartment, friendships and also about lazy days when I just stay at home and I roll into my blanket and watch movies.

I would just like to add here that so far I like it here, though I’m not very fond of the weather, because there is so much moisture in the air and also it’s a lot of dust. We can clean the apartment every second day, but it doesn’t get any better. Lucky for us nobody has any dust allergies, otherwise this could really be a problem.

Anyway, read more about it on my blog!

So here we are, three Fallen Angels from Slovenia in Portugal! =)

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