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Erasmus+ in Schiphorst

During the summer, I went to northern Germany to work as an intern at the NGO AFG Spirit. I spent three months in a little village called Schipshorst, working and helping out the group with the daily administrative tasks.

AGF Spirit is an art collective, they manage a local festival and organize various cultural events in their village as well as abroad. They are a self-established group focusing on decentralized, alternative happenings. AGF Spirit works with all kinds of media: performance, film, site-specific installations and music.

Their attitude and line of work very much coincide with mine, so I am glad for the opportunity to work with them. I gained a lot of practical experiences, I learned about the obstacles and I learned how to overcome them. Beside the knowledge on the work front, it was very inspiring to be a part of the creative processes that ran in the background. The collective taught me some valuable lessons on aesthetics and politics of the contemporary cultural industry. Looking forward to further collaboration!

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