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E+ intership in Chemnitz, Germany

In January-March 2023, I completed a two-month internship under the Erasmus + program in Chemnitz, Germany, at the Holzkombinat plant.

As a student at the UNG School of the Arts, I helped create the xMobil project for NewMedia.

During my stay there, I worked in a garage where, with the Holzkombinat team, we planned, researched, created and made ourselves everything that we need for xMobil. From the very beginning we had a good schedule, the right structure and timing. And even now we are in touch with our team and continue to do our joint project. Just recently, on May 25-26, the whole team from Chemnitz came to our university to prepare xMobil for the school exhibition. The whole process can also be tracked in the xmobil25 instagram account.

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