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Success + adventure + experience + entertainment  + friendship = Erasmus in Slovenia…
I see myself very lucky because of joining the big opportunity that is especially in Slonevia;);) It was not only an experience for me but also i strongly believe that it can open lots of doors for my life and my viewpoint of my future..I found much more possibility of traveling to cities of Slovenia and Italy. The most important achievements are certainly my friends who help and support me every time. I love all of them so much…In addition I want to thank to my coordinators in here…Therefore I’m sure that I won’t forget you and everything about Sloveniaaaa…..Erasmus

Melda Durmus

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  1. Morgan Rashid says

    Ow daj kaj me dodaš v msn ,… mam isti mail kot sem ga pustu v komentarju.

  2. Sabina says

    I am sure that I will not forget you….;)